Cybersecurity and Internet Safety

Are Cybersecurity and Internet Safety The Same?

We use it, but we don’t think about it. Modern society is dependent on technology. Whether it’s your TV, the Internet, a laptop, or a phone, there’s no denying how much life has changed over the last two decades. This online access means that individuals and businesses need to be diligent about their Cybersecurity and Internet Safety.   We hear the terms cybersecurity and Internet safety,…

Beefing up communication security

Beefing Up Your Communication Security

When it comes to personal or business data security, you must know how to spot bogus links. Recognizing fake email links that might lead to fraudulent pages is a challenge for many people. The fact that hackers are using more advanced methods makes it worse for all of us. That is why beefing up your communication security is very important for your business…

Spot Fake Links in your Emails

Opening unknown links can be a risk factor for your business and staff. As a result, more and more business owners have incorporated fake link prevention strategies into their security training. We’ve come up with a few tips to help ensure that your staff members have the critical information on how to spot fake links. This training can help prevent hackers from gaining access to your…

Business Computing Cybersecurity Security

Cybercrime Leading to Huge Business Losses

This year, the main focus for business owners has been how to conduct business with a global COVID-19 pandemic. The public health crisis has created opportunities for scammers and hackers, and they’ve responded. One could say that there is a flourishing cybercrime pandemic as the past twelve months has seen a 50 percent increase in lost revenue over the second-highest period on record. Let’s take a look at COVID-19-era cybercrime and how it’s just getting worse as the pandemic rages on.