Tip of the Week: Customizing the Android 11 Power Menu

Tip of the Week: Customizing the Android 11 Power Menu

Just in case you needed another reason to upgrade to Android 11, you have the potential to add far more utility to the menu that appears when you hold the power button on your device. To do so, you’ll have to make a small investment into an automation-driven application known as Tasker. For this week’s tip, we’ll walk you through using this application to customize your Android 11 command center.

Scammers are Using Economic Impact Payments to Phish People

It may not be a surprise to you that hackers and other scammers are trying to get between you and your stimulus money. Using the COVID-19 pandemic to prey on unsuspecting or ill-prepared people, they have already made off with more than millions of the $290 billion that the U.S. government has earmarked for its citizens. Let’s look at how you can avoid being another unfortunate victim of the modern cybercriminal. 

What You Need to Do with IT and OT Interconnecting

The past two decades have generally seen business technology in one of two camps: either IT (information technology), which includes all of a business’ computers, peripherals, and networking equipment, or OT (operational technology), which included everything else. As time has passed, both have advanced, and now both carry the risks once limited to IT. Let’s examine how you can better secure your business by focusing on the convergence of IT and OT.