Upgrading Servers

Upgrading Servers Can Save You Money

Unless you’re running a one-man operation, there’s a high possibility that your entire business runs on a server or two. If you’ve been thinking about replacing or upgrading servers or wondering how you can improve your network performance, overall, you’ll want to continue reading. We all know that computers and other devices have to be upgraded…

prepare for 2021 - tax + covid-19

Prepare for 2021

We think we’re safe when we say that 2020 has been…less than ideal. After the first quarter, we quickly found ourselves — both professionally and personally — in uncharted waters. But, 2021 is just around the corner and we want to be optimistically prepared. The continuation of this month’s series of section 179 tax deductions…

How to Provide Your Healthcare Practice’s Guests with Wi-Fi Access

How to Provide Your Healthcare Practice’s Guests with Wi-Fi Access

Regardless of how long they stay in a medical facility, patients and their visitors now expect that they will have access to wireless Internet during their time there. While it was once just a convenience, it is now an essential part of ensuring that they remain comfortable. As such, it is now the responsibility of the healthcare facility to ensure that their Wi-Fi is fast, reliable, and accessible.

working from home

The Shrieks and Chills of Working from Home

This year has been…interesting, to say the least. One minute businesses were running normally. Seemingly overnight, many of us got the work-from-home position we always wanted. Within and beyond the pandemic, many companies have been transitioning portions of their workforce to work remotely. As technology marches forward, the image of the modern office changes with…