Working Hard to Secure Your Endpoints

Working Hard to Secure Your Endpoints

In March, when the stay-at-home orders first came down, and businesses started asking their employees to work from home, it was obvious that many of them were not prepared for this contingency. As the pandemic has gone on, however, businesses have had to adapt. Today, we thought we would look at some of the solutions and strategies that are being used by businesses to secure their endpoints with most of their workforce out of the office. 


New Year, New Budget for 2021

Making money is great, but there’s something even better than that — saving money! Anybody who knows anything about business can tell you that keeping the money you have earned is a lot more tricky than you’d imagined. Not to worry, that’s where a budget for 2021 comes into play. As we head into the oncoming year, a lot of us are planning our business evaluation and the budget for new year. While this is a normal…

Holiday Shopping is Looking Different This Year

Holiday Shopping is Looking Different This Year

Unfortunately, this season’s holiday is going to be much like the rest of 2020: risky. With many people taking the necessary precautions to not contract or spread the coronavirus, a lot of people are doing most of their shopping online. By distancing from others and using the Internet to do the lion’s share of your holiday shopping, you take on different risks. Let’s go through some of them today.

virtual workforce

Is a Virtual Workforce Secure?

Five years ago, setting up an employee to work remotely was a huge task. Five years from now it will simply be business as usual. Today, with the right technology, it can be seamless. Some studies show that doing so may even increase productivity by about 13%. When the pandemic forced employers like you to…

Are Cookies Safe

Are Your Cookies Safe?

The holiday season is upon us and we have many things to look forward to — even if this year will be a little bit different than others. This time of year the things that come to mind include: family, holiday festivities, and of course cookies! As a Managed Service Provider, people often ask us,…